Woman Warrior yoga workshops create a powerful space for healing and transformation, as evidenced by these words from our students.


Washington, D.C.

"I participated in the Woman Warrior workshop in DC, and it was an incredibly amazing experience. I never imagined that being in a kind, loving space doing yoga and breathing exercises with other women survivors would have such a deep impact on me. I signed up for the workshop without expectations, and it provided me a sense of self love that I didn’t even realize I needed. I am so grateful to Halli for her kindness and loving guidance, and for the tools that I now have to help navigate my life." 


Washington, D.C.

“I really appreciated the opportunity to just BE and to just BE around other people who knew this one issue about me. I feel like for all these years it's been something to hide. I never felt I could be me if I wasn't ALL of me. This was the first time I've felt that way.”


San Diego, CA

"The gifts from the Woman Warrior workshop keep pouring in. I felt an enormous wave of healing for my inner child during class. I’ve known for a while now my inner child needed some TLC, but I was having a hard time connecting with her (heck, she barely had time to develop before turning into a little adult so young) and now it feels like the flood gates have opened and I’m finally starting to understand myself in this new way that is so critical at this point in my soul evolution. I’m seeing new things in my relationships I did not see before. I’m so grateful for the soul healing and inspiration this workshop brought into my life." 


Los Angeles, CA

"The Woman Warrior workshop I attended a was a wonderfully healing experience because Halli is full of warmth, acceptance and gentle strength. I appreciated that the workshop focused on movement, mantra and breath to allow me to express my healing process without any pressure to directly tackle some of the challenging aspects. I entered the workshop as a balanced, but tense person, and left the workshop balanced and completely at ease. The workshop went beyond just relaxing the body and mind, it was an act of justice: by attending the workshop I communicated to myself that I deserved to heal and I recognized that I needed time to heal. By creating the workshop, Halli is creating a training ground for us to become our own healing warriors, who can sit and tend to wounds while still being strong, still being open and vulnerable, and still being whole." 


San Diego, CA

"Out of all the years I’ve practiced yoga, Halli’s class/workshop has been one of the most impactful and healing classes I’ve taken thus far. So caring, attentive and intuitive in her approach, she masterfully guided us all to co-create such a warm, serene and sacred safe space in a matter of minutes. I was in awe at how fast I felt comfortable in that space. As a survivor of sexual assault, I have always been hyper aware of my surroundings and due to this reason my body tends to always tense up regardless of how much I try to calm myself. Halli allows her students to truly take in the surroundings to feel safe and comfortable. Her cues during kriyas/asanas provided space for my mind and body to come together rather than getting caught up or lost in the chatter. I felt very grounded, centered and comfortable in her leading me through this class. I allowed myself to let go and delve deep into a meditative space during my practice. The opportunity to soak in the environment, Halli’s gentle authentic aura and guidance immediately allowed my body and mind to feel incredibly relaxed. Towards the end of the class when I looked around, I could see the same grounded, calm and comfortable glows on the faces of the women around me. I feel very blessed to have met such a beautiful and skillful teacher like Halli. I feel deeply grateful for her gentle yet strong spirit, intuitive and attentive ability to hold sacred healing space for Woman Warriors and she even gave me confidence to take my practice deeper to become a kundalini yoga instructor myself - which I had been thinking of doing for years and finally felt inspired to pursue this desire of mine.  I would recommend this workshop to all  Woman Warriors looking for a sacred safe space to just BE, heal and connect with their body, mind, and spirit. Thank you, Halli! I am beyond appreciative of you and so much respect for your service to others on their healing journey." 

Dev Kriya

New York, NY

“I attended the Woman Warrior workshop at my home-base yoga studio in NYC, which was magically transformed into a different space. Halli's presence seemed to make everything in the room come to life with a sparkling, protective presence. Throughout the workshop, we warriors were able to lean on each other for mutual support instead of trekking the yogic journey of releasing suffering all by ourselves. Halli also taught us how to put up both physical and energetic boundaries with each other, a skill which I've found invaluable ever since.  

Towards the end of her class, we all sat in a circle as Halli passed out cocoa-dusted almonds, cashews, and raisins; as we munched and replenished our bodies and spirits, Halli invited us to share with each other. At this time, I couldn't help but notice that I felt for my warrior sisters' experiences as if they were my own, and they hugged me with a warmth which showed me that they felt the same way.  Before the Woman Warrior workshop, I would often seek male attention and approval. After Halli's workshop, I seek my own attention and approval. What a transformative experience--and I couldn't have done it without my soul sisters there with me.”  


Washington, D.C.

"I came to Woman Warrior in recovery from a number of traumatic events. Somewhat dreading another unknown activity, I was so relieved and surprised to find the Woman Warrior workshop to be an accepting, understanding, and healing space for me.

The workshop was divided into themes per day, and I found them incredibly helpful for my selfcare activities during the week. Each day brought new realizations about my relationship with myself, particularly during the day dedicated to Deservedness. I still include elements from this session in my daily mantras, and have been working on that topic as a personal project due to my discoveries during the Woman Warrior workshop.

I enjoyed the physical elements of the workshop as much as the cerebral, and perhaps for the first time really saw the relationship between my chakras/emotions/mental state and the motions of yoga. The chanting in particular made me feel not alone within a low risk context of simply being with other women who have experienced what I have experienced.

Halli is a remarkable teacher and friend. She has an immediate calming presence, and her understanding for the struggles of the class was great. I was particularly touched that after every session, she brought snacks and set up a space for community, two thoughtful elements to a workshop that I had never seen before and really appreciated. I feel like I can call or text Halli at any moment and she'd remember me and feel for me like a friend. That is a rare experience for me with teachers, and I really value it.

I wish the Woman Warrior workshop had been longer just so I could enjoy the comforting space it provided. It was a beautiful workshop and I'd recommend it to anyone in need of self care, healing, and community."