Your Destiny Is Here

Bury me down deep
Where only one dusty ray of sun
Hits my gnarled eyes

Bite open an apple
Swallow half whole
And vomit up the world

Why is the water so calm?
How do the birds listen?

When I blinked this morning
I saw myself vomit up the universe

I am a cave hermit
A scarlet letter
And every archetype unknown

Did I choose this life?
Did I chose the abuse?

When will I stop beating up on
myself my
breath my
skin my
body my
habits my

Fountains of lava
Rush to the sea
Cool me, please

Words and words and words
Stored in my heart
Stuck in my throat

Where is my affirmation?
How do I clear this murky pool?

I’m tired
I’m weak
I’m weary
He hurt me
I don’t know

I’m so mad
Is the anger exhausting?

Just rest, baby girl
Rest when you need to
Your destiny is here