There's No Good Way

There's no good way to start a journal about sexual assault/abuse because sexual assault and abuse are NO FUCKING GOOD.

They are the deepest violation of our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Tears wet my lap for the injustice, for the deep pain, and the weight I have carried so far.

I'm writing this blog for the millions of women like me who have suffered and who have decided to keep it moving. Who have decided that they want to be healed, and need a place to come and just be honest about what happened to them. 

And what is still happening.

For the most part, I don't mind telling people what happened to me - it's the people that mind. As if knowing disrupts their world order, their sense of right and wrong, and how things "should" be. How I should be.

And I'm still so fucking mad about what happened. 

This site is a place where it's okay to be mad; where it's okay to be a woman; and it's okay to be a mad woman

In fact, anger is part of our story.

We are vindictive, instinctive, and fucking mad.

We are hurricanes, volcanoes, and thunder.